Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Converting Your Van Into A 70's Work Of Art

by Max Day

If you have an older van that you would like to convert to reflect your love for the 70's, consider adding some color and special effects to make your very own hippie-mobile. It is not that difficult to change the appearance of a plain van to one that shows your love and appreciation for the 70's decade. Here are some instructions you can use to convert your own van into a groovy work of art.

Start With The Paint

The best way to get the result you are looking for is to hire a professional painting contractor to do the job for you. You can specify the colors you are looking for, and they will be able to pattern your van in a way that will give striking results. Professional painters can easily do tie-dye jobs by placing each color on the van in a series of steps. One color would dry before another would be added so the result is not a washed out color of mixed paint. 

Add Carpeting

Buy some shaggy carpeting from a carpet store to install inside your van. If there is existing carpet, vacuum, shampoo and dry it thoroughly before covering it up with the new carpet. This will keep bad smells or mold from forming underneath. If you are installing it over bare metal, use a carpet glue to keep it in place. Look for a color that was popular in the 70's decade, such as lime green, bright orange, or a sunny yellow.

Use Some Decals

Place some decals on the exterior of your van after it has come back from the painting service. If you would rather, keep the decals on the windows and bumper so they are easily seen instead of getting lost in the colors of the paint job. Decals can be ordered online or bought in auto and novelty stores. Look for peace symbols, large flowers or wording such as "groovy". 

Decorate The Inside

Tape posters from the era inside the bed of your van. You can start collecting these from yard sales or auctions to put inside your van when you find them. Place some bright rugs over the back windows so they can be seen from the outside. Look for tapestries or woven tie-dyed wall hangings. These can be placed using magnets to hold them over the windows, making it easy to take them down when desired. String some beads on your rear view mirror, as well.


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