Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Are You A New Driver Dealing With Your First Collision? Use These Tips To Help You Get Your Car Back In Good Shape

by Max Day

As a new driver who has never been in an accident that resulted in body damage to your car before, you might be shaken from the accident and not quite sure how to proceed. Use the following tips to make sure your car is in good shape after leaving it at the body shop.

Use the Body Shop You Want to Use

Your first step might be to take your car to the auto body shop recommended by your insurance carrier, as you may have gotten the impression that you are required to use that body shop. However, that is not true. You can take your car to any body shop whose work you trust. Ask family members and friends for recommendations and take some time to look them up on the Internet to determine if there are any customer reviews you can see.

Find Out if They are Using Parts that are Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts--parts that have not been made by your car's own manufacturer--might be used on your damaged car because much of the time, they are not as expensive. However, because they aren't made by the manufacturer, the quality might not be as high.

Aftermarket parts might be acceptable to you, but be sure to ask what kinds of parts are going to be in your car in the future.

Look at the Car's Warning Lights

A car collision is likely to trigger any number of warning lights inside the car to become illuminated. Your 'check engine' light may be on as well as your tire pressure light, for instance. Before you drive away from the body shop, it is critical that you make sure that all the warning lights are not on. If there is still an illuminated light, you need to find out whether the technician merely forgot to reprogram the light or whether there are remaining electrical problems with your car.

Examine the Paint Job in the Sun

Another thing that's important to check before you drive away in your car is the paint job that has been done. While inside the body shop the paint may seem to match, be sure to take it out in the sun to get a better look. Step away from the car and walk toward it to see if the new paint matches perfectly. Checking the paint job before you leave can help you to be confident that any color adjustments can be made right away.

Use the tips in this article so that you have a greater chance of having your car returned to you in attractive, driving shape. Make sure that you speak frankly with a collision repair technician to find out more about how your car can be in better condition.


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Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

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