Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Best Options For Fixing Car Dents

by Max Day

If you have been part of a recent auto collision, your car may have suffered some dents. Whether you report this damage to your insurer or not, there are some options of varying cost for repairing them. Here are some of the best services to repair auto dents. 

Single Auto-Body Repair

One of the most common options for a one-time dent event is an auto body repair shop like Ohs' Body Shop's Inc. There are a few different types of dent repair that you can choose from an auto body service. The cheapest option is likely a pointless dent repair, where the mechanic uses gentle pressure to reshape the frame of the car. For more major dents, especially where the dent has caused the metal to buckle, new metal and a new coat of paint may be necessary. Full replacement is also an option for many parts if the damage is bad enough. 

Dent Coverage Insurance

Dent coverage can also be a separate addition to your insurance plan. While your insurer may cover some dent repairs, they may not fully cover the comprehensive repairs you want, and there may also be limits to the number of repairs. Dent coverage can help to protect even against minor dent damage. 

Sign Up for Unlimited Dent Repair Service

There are also unlimited dent repair plans, offered by auto body shops, that can operate outside of your regular insurance. These allow you to have even minor dents repaired, such as if an object falls on your car or you get into a small auto collision. If you plan to use the car for heavy duty activities and can see the dents recurring in the near future, it may be good to get one of these plans; this way, you'll save the expense and hassle of filing multiple insurance claims. 

Even if you're not concerned about the aesthetics of your car, dents are worth repairing for several reasons. For one, dents can cause some of the metal to shine through your paint, which metal will then be exposed to air and water, which can pave the way for rust. Once the corrosion begins it will be possible for it to eat away at your paint job, creating a bigger hole which exposes more surface to the elements, thus creating a vicious cycle. Dents themselves can also take a good chunk off of your resale value, since some appraisers may see unattended dents as a sign of poor maintenance and wonder how much damage the dents have done below the surface. 


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