Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

  • 2 Types Of Damage You Should Never Ignore After A Minor T-Bone Collision

    If you were recently involved in a minor accident where your car was t-boned, you may not feel that the small amount of damage warrants immediate attention. However, there are two types of damage you should never ignore after a minor t-bone collision. 1.  Bent or Gapped Door Panels Right after your accident, you may have noticed that the front or back door panel has been slightly bent. Or, you may notice that there is a gap around one of the doors, indicating that it has been knocked out of alignment.

  • Big Rig in for Accident Repair? How Fleet Repair Shops Match Your Vehicle's Paint Color

    Commercial vehicles spend lots of time on the road. Eventually you're bound to get into a fender bender that requires a visit to your auto body repair shop. Part of making your rig look just like new is making sure the new paint perfectly matches what's already on the rig. The following are three factors that help make this task possible. Vehicle Paint Color Codes When Henry Ford started mass producing his Model T, and later his trucks, your one color choice was black.

  • Painting Your Own Car: Tips For A Professional Finish

    Painting your car is a great way to create a smooth line, hide blemishes, and fill in areas that have been repaired from dings and scratches. A professional paint job for your vehicle can cost $600 to a few thousand or more, and may be something you don't feel you can afford easily. Luckily you can buy auto paint from your local vehicle supplies and accessories dealer and paint your car on your own.

  • Think Carefully About Where You Park To Limit Your Risk Of Body Panel Damage

    When you own a vehicle, it's always in your best interest to keep its body panels as pristine as possible. You can accomplish this goal not only by driving carefully, but also by giving consideration to how you park. In your own driveway, the vehicle is likely at minimal risk of getting dents and scratches that will require a trip to the auto body shop. However, whenever you're out in public, it's a good idea to think twice before you park to decrease the risk of damage occurring.

  • How To Make Your Commercial Fleet A Positive Face For Your Company

    Your fleet of company vehicles is a face for your company. When people see your trucks or fleet of cars on the road, the appearance of these vehicles can have an impact on what they think about your business. Luckily, following a few tips can help you make your commercial fleet a positive face for your business. Keep Them Clean The first and easiest way to make a difference in how your commercial vehicles are perceived by the public is to keep them clean.

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Keep Your Ride Looking Smooth

Making sure that your ride looks good is almost as important it is to ensure that it drives well. After all, the way your car looks says something about how well you take care of it. If there are dings in the body or chips in the paint, chances are that your vehicle's eye appeal leaves something to be desired. Luckily, there are some things you can do at home to make your car look better so that you don't have to pay an auto shop to do everything for you. Sure, you can let your service technician take care of all the heavy lifting for you, but consider using the tips and tricks found on this blog to take care of some of the minor stuff yourself.